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The main aim is to identify niches that you can easily dominate with your sites
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3 April 2012

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This is a tool that helps find a suitable keyword/market niche that can be dominated and a high search ranking obtained.

The main task of Niche Market Finder is to identify niches. Once you are able to do that you can then easily dominate with your sites. You would need to ensure by making sure you have proper keyword density. You need to create enough back-links too. Back link creation could be through couple of other tools from the same developers. These two tools are the Social Submitter and Blog Submitter that help create back-links from social sites and blogs respectively. What the market finder tool does is to let you see how many sites already exist in the keyword choices you made. This tool provides an easy to comprehend graphical display of the data. This visual presentation let you see the strength of competition on multiple keywords chosen.

The interface is well laid out, making it easy to use; even a complete beginner should be able to start using it quickly. If you understand the basics of Internet marketing, search engine optimization, etc. it will help. You get a clear display area for displaying the keyword. On the right you get a list of competitive sites & their URLs. Each of these URLs are displayed with corresponding statistics such as their page rank, back link coming to them and several such stats significant to marketing. The “social submitter” and the “blog submitter” tools help with creating the back links necessary for boosting the rank of a site. Once you have decided about what keyword you want to address, these tools can further help boosting your rank. This is a good product, has useful features and could be handy in your pursuit of Internet marketing.

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The main task of Niche Market Finder is to identify niches that you can easily dominate with your sites, especially with the help of our Social Submitter and Blog Submitter and make money from.
Niche Market Finder is very simple to use as it has only one function: identifying niches that are easy to dominate. The software uses an intuitive interface, so that you can get a visual idea of strength of the competition in the niche you've chosen.
Niche Market Finder
Niche Market Finder
Version 1.2.1
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